1. All patients are pre-screened either by phone or electronically prior to the scheduling of an appointment.
  2. The quantity of available appointment times has been reduced to prevent the number of people within the office at any given time and to allow for thorough sanitization both before and after each patient visit.
  3. The reception, treatment room(and all equipment used), and bathroom are sanitized, with a Health Canada approved product, after every patient visit.
  4. Sanitation is done on a regular schedule and records are posted outside of each treatment room, the bathroom, and reception. All high traffic surfaces are regularly sanitized.
  5. The reception area is highly monitored so that physical distancing is always maintained and furniture has been resituated to facilitate this.
  6. The entrance door will be locked if maximum occupancy has been reached to ensure the above occupancy guideline can be effectively governed.
  7. We have installed a plexiglass barrier at reception.
  8. Upon entry, the patient will be directed to sanitize their hands.
  9. Upon entry, the patient will be screened again for symptoms of covid-19 and riskfactors of the transmission of covid-19. (The information obtained from this screening will be entered into the patient’s clinical file) The practitioner will then determine if it is appropriate to direct the patient to a treatment room.
  10. Practitioners will be wearing masks during all patient interactions. 11)Practitioners will wash their hands with soap and water or a health Canadaapproved hand sanitizer before and after each patient interaction.
  11. After treatment, the practitioner will inform the patient when they may proceed toreception, in order to (5) maintain appropriate occupancy within the receptionarea.
  12. Information posters on new guidelines, expectations and covid-19 symptoms areposted on the exterior of the entrance door, within reception and at each treatmentroom.
  13. We have removed all high contact items such as magazines, pamphlets andchildren’s toys from reception and treatment rooms.
  14. We have exchanged cloth chairs with vinyl and acrylic chairs to aid in sanitization. 16)Touchless payment is available via Tap with debit or credit card.
  15. Staff have been assigned their own workspace that is appropriately physically distanced and wears masks at all times when in the building. They will not come into work if they are sick and do not carpool.